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A journey of empowerment, perception, and connection to Nature.

This site is dedicated to your journey.  [Soon to come] you will find tools, stories and experiences to ignite your inner sun, and spark your journey as a Warrioir of the Sixth Sun.

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Since a young age I have had experiences and studied spiritual disciplines that have indicated to me that there is much more to the world than meets the eye.

I now understand the deep connectedness we have with everything around us. I spend a lot of time in Nature for it is there that the connectedness to everything feels strong in me.

I have had the honour to be in Peru, understanding the world through the eyes of the local indigenous, the Q'ero.  


This work started opening me up to the realization of the interactivity of everything in this world - nothing is left out from that.  


When I say everything, I mean everything.  I repeat, I mean everything, nothing escapes this, and there are no conditions on that statement.

With my dear friends Suze and Elinor at Xochitecatl - Pyramid of the Flowers, Mexico


After Peru I began learning from a reknowned healer and dream teacher in Mexico, Sergio Magaña.  

I have now been to Mexico many times to continue to learn the spiritual traditions of the
Toltec/Mexica/Aztec cultures, often times, at the sacred sites themselves.

I now know we are closely connected to the Cosmos. As Above so Below is a very real
statement which is widely understood and accepted, in meaning,  in many different
traditions and cultures around the planet.

Ceremony with the Q'ero in Peru

I have come to learn that the ancient world had a much better understanding of the workings of the Universe, which today we are just beginning to realize.  

​I have a passion to help others awaken to greater meaning and awareness of the world around them.

I am always looking for opportunities to share what I have learned.

For this reason I find that understanding the Cosmology at the time of birth can be a great guide on the path to understanding why we are as we are, here, now, and how we can work with the wonderful essences and forces which are part of our makeup and surround us everyday.

Now as part of the Ometeotl Tribe, an ever increasing community of like-minded individuals with a passion for becoming the best possibility of themselves, I continue to share and pass on the knowledge and wisdom handed down from times far past.  

Much gratitude goes to all the teachers that have helped me to get to where I am now,
including Sergio Magaña and his teachers.

May the learning never end.


Steve Gautreau Xochitonal

About Me
Sacred Reciprocity

“The mathematical order of the cosmos was also related directly to the body and the energetic system or totonalcayos.”

Sergio Magaña


"The mathematical order of the cosmos was also related directly to the body and the energetic system or totonalcayos."

Sergio Magaña

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